Located in Wildwood, MO – we are a community of passionate artists who are providing a space for curious individuals to explore and develop their creativity openly through small classes and individual coaching. It is our goal to inspire those around us to get your hands a little dirty and get lost in in the process of creating art.

We offer beginning and intermediate ceramics classes in our comfortable and friendly environment. We will expand to other artistic disciplines such as music and photography as the right instructors and opportunities develop.




If you’re interested in joining us either as a studio user, educator, or supporter please don’t hesitate to reach out!



Founder & Executive Director

Doug Gilberg is a native of St. Louis and has spent the past 35 years as an entrepreneur in the nursery and real estate fields. His passion for the living world has been demonstrated by his work at Gilberg Perennial Farms working with many aspects of ornamental horticulture and natural history. Doug also worked for Abengoa Bioenergy developing cellulosic energy growing systems as a Project Development Manager.

Doug’s passion for clay goes back to his days at U City High where he found his love of ceramics. Since then, clay has been a constant in his life and has brought focus and calmness to his life. He was fortunate enough to work with Victor Bassman for eight years in a small community of potters who gathered every Saturday and Sunday to create under the guiding eyes of Victor.

Doug’s vision for the WGA has been developing for many years and after four years in corporate life, it was time to put the vision into reality.

“I am excited to share my passion for clay and build a new artistic community in Wildwood. We are in the beginning of an interesting adventure that will be a tremendous benefit to our community”



President & Owner

Daven’s passion for community development has guided his 20 plus years in real estate investment. Born and raised in St. Louis, and a lifelong patron of the arts, Daven is no stranger to creative pursuits. You can find him performing as the Bubble Wizard, creating massive bubbles that delight audiences or playing the digeridoo and percussion at late night jam sessions. 


Daven is excited about the possibilities of a creative space that can bring artists across the region together to uplift and brighten the city, and educate people in the creative and natural arts. Keep an eye out for future classes on gardening, composting, worm farming and more from Daven! 



Co-Founder & Musician

Nathan co-founded WGA with the idea that artists from different mediums have the ability to inspire each other and collaborate to create a community. A touring musician and audio engineer by trade, Nathan grew up in a household of painters, potters, piano players and aspiring cooks, and strives to recreate that environment in an arts community. 


Over the past 17 years of live performance Nathan has performed or produced shows in all 48 of the continental United States and played with dozens of local and touring acts. In 2016 he joined River Kittens as bassist and occasional co-writer, playing on both their releases and touring coast to coast. Since 2018, Nathan has toured as the front of house mixing engineer for the Devon Allman Project/Allman Betts Band/Allman Family Revival family of bands, bringing high production rock and roll to amphitheaters and performing arts centers all over America.


Nathan Is an alumni of Webster University St. Louis and Berklee’s Boston campus. 



Studio Manager & Web Designer 

Kristina attended Missouri State University, where she minored in art & advanced ceramics. After graduating in 2019 with a degree in Electronic Arts: Interactive New Media, Kristina moved from Springfield to Kirkwood, not far from her family in St. Charles. 

After 2 years without a studio, Kristina found WGA in the spring of 2021. Being use to a rigorous college ceramic studio, with a heavy class workload, she has loved being apart of WGA's relaxed atmosphere and not being graded on her art. Kristina focuses on production artwork, which she sells on etsy. She is also runs her own design studio KFDdesign. She is a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, videographer and so much more!

"In college, I always felt so attached to the things I made because most were big projects with a one of a kind peice of art. Friends and family are always asking for ceramics from me and I want people to have my artwork too. So now I work on making as many of my favorite pieces as possible. I would love to have a large scale ceramic brand someday."