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We are always looking to grow our team and find more people looking to help make our vision come true. Below are current ways we are looking to expand, Reach out if you think you'd fit into our goals!

Class & Workshop Instructor

Part-time instructor for both Classes and workshops. Pay difference based on experience, Minimum $20 per hour.


  • Significant experience working with clay in a shared studio environment

  • Advanced Wheel Throwing and Hand-building skills

  • Knowledge of glazing techniques

  • Experience loading and unloading kilns

  • Good communication, teaching, and organizational skills

  • Willingness to clean and organize shared studio space 

  •  Ability to lift 25-50 lbs

  • Access to a smartphone or computer, the ability to use technology and learn how to use our booking app

Internship & Working

non-paid position that is a trade for membership and/or work experience. A limited number of spots available. 


  • Great for Art students looking to learn more about studio management and add to their resume or gain references

  • Applicants should have knowledge of working with clay, hand-building and wheel throwing

  • Individuals must have good communication and organizational skills

  • Be able to lift 25-50 lbs

  • Understand cleaning practices and willingness to clean and organize shared studio space

Non Profit Board 

Volunteer your time and skills to help grow our 501c3 Nonprofit organization.


  • Attend regular board meetings 

  • help make executive decisions on matters pertaining to the organization

  • Contribute to the organization through donations

  • Help fundraise and find other contributors to help Wildwood Green Arts grow

  • Plan events and be a part of the WGA Community

  • Help Follow and grow our mission 

Apply for a position

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