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is dedicated to teaching and sharing with people of all ages. Our focus us relevant and pertinent topics concerning the arts and the natural world. We are especially interested in the area where art and the natural world intersect. We are also dedicated to bringing art to the community in constructive ways that support community building.


Our Past

Wildwood Green Arts is the concept of our founder, Douglas Gilberg. Doug has been involved with the ceramic arts as a casual artist for over 45 years and ceramics has been his artistic passion since high school. He was looking for a way to bring his passion for ceramics and his knowledge of natural history together in a meaningful way to serve the regional community. His background is in operations that specialized in perennial and aquatic plants. That experience bestowed upon him a great source and background of knowledge in business management, botany, horticulture, ecology and their interaction in our natural world.



Our Present

Wildwood Green Arts operates in a well-appointed ceramic art studio with potters wheels, computer operated kilns, ample work space and a social area. WGA went under new management in 2022. We offer studio memberships, wheel throwing and hand-building corses, and coached open studio. classes have an average of 8-10 students, offering plenty of one on one instruction time. WGA offers both day and evening classes to accommodate the needs and wants of our community.


 WGA is a regular exhibitor and has an art outreach at the Wildwood Farmers Market, providing a small workshop for adults and children to create ceramic animals and other fanciful critters. This is done free of charge.

 WGA was involved in Fall 2016 in an Empty Bowls Project in cooperation with the Daughters of the American Revolution and the local AmVets chapter. WGA organized a group of potters to produce over 120 hand-thrown ceramic bowls that were sold at a Daughters of American Revolution fundraiser to benefit homeless veterans.

WGA also does demonstrations at art fairs and community events.


Our Future

WGA Dreams of

  • A campus where seasoned professionals share their passions and help inspire others to create art or understand our natural world.

  • Workshops by nationally recognized artists will be given on a regular basis.

  • We plan on building multiple wood and soda kilns to attract more regional artists.

  • Both indoor and outdoor galleries, the outdoor space a place for a large-scale sculpture to be displayed.

  • An artist in residence program.

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