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Here are a few ways you can donate and help us achieve our goals:

  1. Monetary Donations: You can make a direct monetary donation to our nonprofit organization. These funds will be utilized to develop the infrastructure, facilities, and resources needed to create the art studio campus. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us move closer to our vision.

  2. Sponsorship: We welcome corporate or individual sponsorships to support our initiative. By becoming a sponsor, you can provide financial assistance or specific resources required for the development of the art studio campus. Sponsorship opportunities may include naming rights for specific studios, equipment donations, or funding for specialized programs.

  3. Fundraising Events: Organize or participate in fundraising events on behalf of our nonprofit. These events can range from art exhibitions, auctions, workshops, or community gatherings. By mobilizing people and raising funds collectively, we can accelerate the progress of our project.

  4. In-Kind Donations: Donations of art supplies, equipment, or building materials are greatly appreciated. Your generosity in providing the necessary resources will directly contribute to the growth and expansion of our art studio campus.

  5. Volunteer Support: Consider volunteering your time, skills, or expertise to assist us in various aspects of our project. Whether it's helping with construction, organizing events, or providing administrative support, your volunteer efforts are invaluable in realizing our vision.

We deeply appreciate your support in helping us create a dynamic campus of art studios. Your donation will not only contribute to the development of our physical infrastructure but also enable us to offer diverse artistic programs, nurture creativity, and foster a sense of community. Please reach out to us to discuss your donation or explore further ways you can get involved. Together, let's cultivate a thriving artistic haven for all to enjoy and benefit from.


Thank you for your interest in supporting our nonprofit and our vision of expanding our property into a vibrant campus of art studios. Your contribution can make a significant impact in creating a nurturing environment for artists and fostering artistic growth within our community.


Our Past

Wildwood Green Arts was born out of founder Douglas Gilberg's deep-rooted passion for ceramics and natural history. With over 45 years of experience as a ceramic artist, Doug's journey in ceramics began in high school and has remained his artistic passion ever since. His extensive background in operations specializing in perennial and aquatic plants has equipped him with a diverse range of knowledge in business management, botany, horticulture, and ecology. This unique blend of expertise allows Doug to merge the realms of art and nature, creating a meaningful and impactful space for the regional community.

Doug's vision for Wildwood Green Arts is to provide a platform where ceramics and the natural world intersect, serving as a catalyst for artistic expression and ecological appreciation. By bringing together his passion for ceramics and his understanding of the natural environment, Doug aims to inspire and educate others, fostering a deeper connection between art, nature, and the community. With Wildwood Green Arts, he invites individuals to explore the harmonious relationship between ceramics and the beauty of the natural world, nurturing creativity and promoting a sense of wonder in all who engage with this extraordinary venture.



Our Present

Under new management since 2022, Wildwood Green Arts is home to a well-appointed ceramic art studio. Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including potters wheels, computer-operated kilns, ample work space, and a dedicated social area. This provides our artists with a comfortable and inspiring environment to unleash their creativity.​

Whether you're a seasoned ceramic artist or just starting your creative journey, Wildwood Green Arts is committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment. Join us and become part of our vibrant community where artistic growth and self-expression thrive.


We are passionately committed to the education and sharing of knowledge with people of all ages. Our primary focus revolves around exploring relevant and meaningful topics related to the arts and the natural world. We strongly believe that the intersection of art and the natural world offers a rich and profound source of inspiration and understanding.


At our studio, we strive to create an inclusive and nurturing environment where individuals can engage with art and nature in transformative ways. We believe that art has the power to connect people, spark conversations, and foster a sense of belonging within the community. We are dedicated to bringing art into the community through various constructive initiatives that promote community building and engagement.

Through our classes, workshops, and programs, we aim to provide opportunities for individuals to explore their creativity, develop new skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the natural world. We offer a diverse range of topics and activities that are designed to be relevant, thought-provoking, and aligned with the interests and concerns of our community.

By bridging the gap between art and the natural world, we hope to inspire a greater sense of connection, empathy, and stewardship towards our environment. We believe that by nurturing this relationship, we can contribute to the well-being of both our community and the natural world around us.

Join us in this journey of exploration, learning, and community building as we explore the fascinating intersection of art and the natural world. Together, let's ignite creativity, promote understanding, and make a positive impact on our community.


Our Future

At Wildwood Green Arts, we dream of creating a dynamic campus that fosters creativity, artistic exploration, and a deeper understanding of our natural world. Our vision includes providing a platform for seasoned professionals to share their passions and expertise, inspiring others to create art and connect with the environment.

One of our aspirations is to host workshops by nationally recognized artists on a regular basis. These workshops will offer valuable learning opportunities and unique insights into various artistic disciplines, enriching the artistic community and nurturing creativity.

We envision both indoor and outdoor galleries, where artwork can be exhibited and admired. The outdoor space will be an ideal setting for large-scale sculptures, creating a captivating and immersive art experience for visitors.

These dreams and aspirations drive us to continually expand and evolve, creating an enriching and inspiring environment for artists and art enthusiasts alike. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we work towards realizing these ambitious goals and creating a vibrant hub of artistic expression and exploration.

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