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Keeping the Fires Burning: A Look at Kiln Maintenance at Wildwood Green Arts

At Wildwood Green Arts, our kilns are the heart of our studio, powering the creation of countless clay masterpieces. Behind the scenes, our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that our kilns are in top condition, including the essential task of replacing elements. Join us as we take a closer look at this crucial aspect of kiln maintenance.

Recently, we encountered an unexpected challenge when the kiln's firing time seemed longer than usual, despite the cones not fully bending to indicate the correct temperature. After thorough inspection, we identified the culprit: the kiln elements.

The elements in our bisque kiln play a vital role in the firing process, providing the heat necessary to transform raw clay into durable ceramic pieces. Over time, these elements can wear out due to the extreme temperatures they endure during firing. To maintain optimal performance, regular inspection and replacement of elements are essential.

Over time, the extreme temperatures endured by the elements had taken their toll, leading to diminished performance and inaccurate temperature readings. Given that the elements were due for replacement based on their lifespan, we swiftly embarked on the task of installing new ones. With precision and care, our team replaced the worn-out elements, restoring the kiln to its full firing potential. Thanks to their expertise and attention to detail, our kiln is now ready to continue firing with efficiency and reliability.

Kiln maintenance is a vital aspect of ensuring the smooth operation of our studio, and our team takes great pride in keeping our kilns in top condition. By regularly replacing elements and performing routine inspections, we can ensure that our kilns continue to fire up creativity for years to come.

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